Race Guide - Triathlon of Compassion

About Triathlon of Compassion

The Triathlon of Compassion (ToC) is an annual event aimed at raising funds for the Victoria Sexual Assault Centre (VSAC). By becoming a fundraiser for this crucial cause, you can help make a difference in the lives of survivors of sexualized violence. The ToC features an adult sprint distance and a Kids of Steel youth race, both taking place in the heart of Esquimalt. Participants can look forward to a stunning bike course that loops around the area, as well as an adult run course that offers breathtaking views of Juan de Fuca Straight and the Victoria waterfront. By contributing to this event, you will be supporting the VSAC and helping to raise awareness and resources for those affected by sexualized violence.

Adult (16+) Sprint Triathlon

Sprint triathlons are shorter-distance versions of triathlon, typically consisting of a 750-meter swim, 20k-bike ride, and a 5k-run. Compared to Olympic or Ironman triathlons, sprint triathlons cover less than half the distance. Although slight variations in distance may exist among different events, the standard format remains consistent. Due to their shorter distances, sprint triathlons have become increasingly popular and are an excellent starting point for beginner or novice athletes. In this article we will touch base on the adult race and all three diciplines as well as some fueling tips for this sprint triathlon.

About the Swim

The 500 meter pool swim at the Esquimalt Rec is an excellent choice for beginner triathletes or those who feel uneasy in open water. The pool provides several advantages compared to open water swimming, making it a more comfortable and controlled environment for athletes to perform in. The black line running along the bottom of the pool and the consistent walls offer a sense of familiarity and a built-in safety factor, which can be reassuring for swimmers who are just starting out.


One of the significant benefits of a pool swim is that it is less intimidating than open water swimming, as it is easier to control the environment. The lack of waves, currents, or other environmental factors that can disrupt a swimmer's pace in open water is also a significant advantage. Furthermore, pool swims are less likely to be cancelled due to weather, temperature, or pollution, allowing triathletes to focus on their performance rather than worrying about external factors.


In addition to the comfort and control provided by a pool swim, there are also practical advantages. With no mass start, triathletes don't have to worry about jostling for position or getting kicked or elbowed by other competitors. There's also no need to struggle into and out of a wetsuit, which can be time-consuming and frustrating.


Overall, the 500-meter pool swim at the Esquimalt Rec offers a fantastic opportunity for beginner triathletes or those who feel uneasy in open water to gain experience and confidence in a more controlled environment. The black line on the bottom of the pool and the consistent walls provide familiarity and safety, making it easier for athletes to focus on their swim technique and performance.

About the Bike

The 20K bike race requires participants to complete 8 loops of the 2.5K bike course before returning to transition, which will be located just outside the Esquimalt recreation centre. Arriving early is highly recommended to familiarize oneself with the transition area and work on mental strategies. The course is primarily flat, with minimal turns and no traffic, making it an ideal choice for athletes who excel in cycling as one of their primary disciplines. Although the course may change from year to year, it will maintain a similar elevation and grade due to the terrain.

Triathlon of Compassion Bike Course

The flat layout of the course offers a significant advantage to cyclists, as it allows them to maintain a steady pace without having to constantly brake or accelerate. Additionally, the lack of turns on the course means that cyclists can maintain their momentum throughout the race. The course's overall simplicity also provides an excellent opportunity for beginners to participate and gain experience in bike racing.


While the race may be physically demanding, the course offers a fantastic opportunity for participants to push themselves and strive for personal bests. With the absence of any significant hills, cyclists can focus on maintaining a steady pace and conserving energy for the remainder of the race. All in all, the 20K bike race promises to be an exciting and challenging event for triathletes of all levels, thanks to its favourable terrain and excellent organization.


About the Run

The 5km ToC Adult run route is an out-and-back course, starting from transition and turning around at Buxton Green by MacAulay Point. The run offers a slight grade and stunning views of the historic MacAulay area. This fast and fairly flat 5k race is suitable for beginners, novices, and pros.

Triathlon of Compassion run course

Fueling for a Sprint Triathlon

Endurance Fuel can be a game-changer for sprint triathletes, providing the necessary energy and hydration needed for peak performance during the race. Its scientifically formulated electrolyte blend is designed to optimize hydration levels and replace lost minerals like sodium, crucial for athletes competing in hot conditions.

With the addition of Cluster Dextrin, a complex and highly-bioavailable carbohydrate, Stratos Endurance Fuelprovides a steady, slow release of energy for sustained endurance during the race. Unlike other sugary sports drinks, Endurance Fuel's Pink Himalayan Sea Salt offers a natural, amazing flavor without being overly sweet and without causing any gastrointestinal issues.

By incorporating Endurance Fuel into their training and race-day regimen, sprint triathletes can stay hydrated, replenish essential minerals, and fuel their bodies with the energy needed to power through the event with optimal performance.


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