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To provide the highest quality performance nutrition to athletes of all levels, taking your fitness goals and healthy lifestyles beyond the stratosphere.  

We have an experienced team ready to help you reach your potential through education of the latest clinical research. 

We will inspire and improve the supplementation performance market while providing all our clients transparency and professional service. 

Stratos Performance Nutrition - Designed by an athlete for athletes!


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Wesley Wood is an highly experienced professional in the fitness industry, with certifications in personal training, strength and conditioning coach, triathlon coach and nutrition. He has an extensive background competing in endurance sports as well as a remarkable military background having served as an Infantry section commander and deploying to Iraq for security operations. Wesley was involved in combat numerous times and was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal for leadership in action against enemy forces. Wesley’s mythology towards training is performance based, which has allowed him to qualify for Age Group World Championships in Sprint, Olympic and Half Ironman Distances. All these experiences have been directly applied to the success of our products.


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Welcome to the world of Stratos Performance Nutrition Ltd., where cutting-edge science meets unwavering passion for athletic performance. Founded by Wesley Wood in 2020 amidst a global pandemic, our journey began when adversity presented an opportunity for innovation.

Driven by the desire to bridge the gap in athlete supplementation, Wesley delved deep into studying the top products in the market, determined to identify the missing link. Recognizing what athletes truly needed, he embarked on a mission to source the highest quality ingredients, forging relationships with trusted farms and Canadian manufacturing companies.

At Stratos Performance Nutrition, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence and the utmost integrity. Our ingredients are meticulously selected from reputable companies that prioritize purity and safety, ensuring they meet stringent quality standards. We strictly avoid brokers and sources associated with banned substances, empowering athletes to trust in our products with confidence.

Our journey did not end with sourcing superior ingredients. In partnership with Health Canada, we obtained our Natural Product Number (NPN), marking a significant milestone on our path to delivering scientifically backed supplements. To ensure our products stood the test of rigorous performance demands, we conducted extensive testing with high-performance athletes across Canada. Countless intense workouts and meticulous adjustments later, we emerged with a suite of products that truly push the boundaries of performance.

Stratos Performance Nutrition is born out of dedication, research, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Our mission is to empower athletes at all levels to surpass their limits and achieve their ultimate potential. Join us on this extraordinary journey as we revolutionize the landscape of sports nutrition and propel you towards unrivaled athletic achievements.



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