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Oak Bay Half Marathon

About the Oak Bay Half Marathon

The Oak Bay Half Marathon is a beloved event in Victoria and a true classic. The race starts at the stunning Windsor Park in Oak Bay and takes runners on a journey through the heart of the town's charming shopping district. From there, the course loops out and back along the picturesque Beach Drive, offering runners breathtaking views of the seaside landscape.


The half marathon race will kick off at 8:00am from Windsor Park, taking runners through Oak Bay's historic residential areas and bustling downtown core before following the scenic route of Beach Dr. After completing the loop, runners will finish the race back at Windsor Park.

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About Oak Bay 

Oak Bay's breathtaking natural and urban landscapes also make it an ideal location for a stunning half marathon race. The waterfront, with its wave-whipped bays and sandy beaches, provides a picturesque backdrop for a race that is sure to captivate runners and spectators alike. The challenging hills and knolls throughout the town will test the endurance of even the most seasoned runners, while the winding streets and narrow lanes will keep them on their toes.

Furthermore, the town's unique architecture and stunning gardens offer an added layer of charm and beauty to the race route. The eclectic mix of suburban styles and magnificent landscapes will leave runners feeling as though they are running through a beautifully curated garden. The breathtaking views of the Sooke Hills and distant Coast and Olympic Mountains will inspire runners to push through the final stretch of the race.

 Overall, Oak Bay's natural and urban landscapes offer a perfect blend of beauty and challenge, making it an ideal setting for a half marathon race that is sure to be remembered for years to come.


Oak Bay Half Marathon Map

About the Run

Elevation Gain : 76m

Highest Elevation: 27m

Elevation Difference : 27m

Oak Bay Half Marathon Elevation Plot


 The Oakbay Half Marathon boasts a stunning setting with a low elevation and an average temperature of around 15°C to 17°C, creating the perfect conditions for runners looking to achieve a personal best or reach their competitive goals. The course is thoughtfully designed with well-placed aid stations and numerous rest stations scattered throughout the race, ensuring runners have access to all the necessary support to successfully complete the course.

The refreshing ocean breeze provides a cooling effect for runners while the enthusiastic crowds inject much-needed excitement and energy into the race. The majority of the course features well-paved surfaces and clear markings, making it easy for runners to navigate the route with ease and focus on their performance.

Overall, the Oak Bay Half Marathon is a must-run race for any avid runner looking for a beautifully set, well-supported, and challenging race that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

About Aid Stations and Nutrition

 The aid stations along the Oakbay Half Marathon course are truly a runner's dream. Located at three well-spaced intervals, each station is fully stocked with all the essentials needed to keep runners energized and hydrated throughout the race. From refreshing drinks to nutritious snacks, the aid stations offer everything a runner needs to stay fueled and focused on their goals.

While the aid stations carry basic nutrition, it's always important to train with the fuel that your body is used to. Many athletes begin their training with a set nutrition plan that they follow throughout their preparation for the race. By training with familiar nutrition, runners can ensure that they are giving their bodies the fuel they need to perform at their best on race day.

For those looking to learn more about endurance fueling and how to properly fuel their bodies during long-distance races, Stratos is an excellent resource. Stratos offers a wealth of information on how to optimize nutrition for endurance sports, from the types of foods to eat to the best times to consume them.

Overall, the Oakbay Half Marathon aid stations provide runners with everything they need to fuel their bodies and achieve their goals. By training with a well-rounded nutrition plan and utilizing resources like Stratos, runners can set themselves up for success on race day.

Aid Station Locations

  • Beach and Oliver (both ways)
  • Beach and Cranmore (both ways)
  • Beach and Lansdowne (both ways)

Rest Stations

On course toilets will be located at:

  • Beach and Oliver
  • Beach and Cranmore
  • Cattle Point

The Final Aid Station

In conclusion, the Oak Bay Half Marathon is a must-attend event for runners and spectators alike. The race winds through the heart of Oak Bay's charming shopping district, historic residential areas, and along the picturesque Beach Drive, showcasing the town's stunning natural and urban landscapes. The well-paved course is well-marked, and aid stations are conveniently placed, making for a seamless and enjoyable race experience. 

Oak Bay's breathtaking scenery, unique architecture, and stunning gardens provide the perfect backdrop for a challenging and memorable half marathon. Whether you're a seasoned runner or a first-timer, the Oak Bay Half Marathon is an event you won't want to miss.

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