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Made by an athlete for athletes of all levels. We pride ourselves in making the highest quality products that are always packed full of flavour. Maximize your performance and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Locally owned and operated in Victoria, BC.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest quality performance nutrition to athletes of all levels, taking your fitness goals and healthy lifestyles beyond the stratosphere.  

We have an experienced team ready to help you reach your potential through education of the latest clinical research. 

We will inspire and improve the supplementation performance market while providing all our clients transparency and professional service. 

Stratos Performance Nutrition - Designed by an athlete for athletes!

Hey there, runners! As you gear up for the Westcoast Sooke 10K, here's a friendly reminder: training with nutrition is just as crucial as pounding the pavement. That's where Stratos comes in, ensuring your needs are met with their top-rated Endurance Fuel. Picture this: you're out there, conquering those rolling hills, feeling unstoppable. With Endurance Fuel, you're optimizing electrolytes, boosting performance, and saying goodbye to cramps. It's like having a secret weapon in your arsenal! So, lace up those shoes, train smart, fuel right, and get ready to crush those miles at the Sooke 10K with Stratos by your side. 🏃‍♂️💪 #FuelForSuccess #Sooke10K
Discover the Power of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt! Elevate your performance with this mineral-rich wonder, perfect for athletes and health enthusiasts. #PinkHimalayanSalt #Nutrition #PerformanceBoost
Discover expert nutrition tips for endurance athletes. Boost performance in Coastline Endurance events with tailored hydration, diet, and recovery strategies.

Keeping the environment in mind.

We have selected an eco-friendly soft standup pouch to leave behind a smaller eco footprint including a 90% reduction in packing compared to other brands. Our reusable and recyclable bags are easy to tear and have high quality resealable zippers. Sustainability is important to us and our planets future.

We can all do our part, Stratos commits yearly donations with 1% Planet to help protect the world's ocean together.

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